The Actor’s Craft

Taught by Michael Bias, founder and director of The Garage Theatre Group, the title has been changed to truly reflect what this class is about. While we have plenty of fun and do play some theater games, this is not merely a “fun and games” acting class. Michael teaches the real deal – how actors prepare to go onstage and immerse themselves in a role. Students have noted that this class also gives them greater insights when they watch a play or movie. It’s like a sing-a-long vs. choral singing; both are fun, but the latter is also a significant educational experience.

Weds., Oct. 21– Dec. 2, 11 am-12:30 pm.  Extended to 6 weeks by student request (no class 11/25). Center for Modern Dance Education, 84 Euclid Ave., Hackensack

$15 per class, or $75 for 6 classes.

Michael Bias Michael Bias, founder and Artistic/Producing Director of The Garage Theatre Group, has directed/produced more than 100 plays and musicals including world premieres of Billie, More Than A Soap Opera, and Summer of Love, all of which he co-wrote, as well as this season’s Lost in History. Other directorial credits include Doubt, Runaways, Aida, High School Musical and The Wind in The Willows. Michael has critiqued for the Bergen Teen Festival of the Arts and participates in arts-in-education programs throughout NJ. He also developed a theatre program for adults with Aspergers Syndrome. Michael teaches acting at Fairleigh Dickinson University and also conducts acting classes for youth and adults.

Dance for Health and Happiness

Do you worry about your body image? Wish you moved more gracefully? Is your posture starting to sag? Dancer and choreographer Alexandra Stavrou’s focus on “sustainable fitness” addresses these issues and more in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Each week’s traditional dance warm-ups lead to a choreographed routine. Warm up your body and warm your heart!

New Time: Thurs., Oct. 22-Nov. 12, 3-4 pm

$15 per class, or $50 for 4 classes.

Alexandra-Evangelia Stavrou, has performed throughout the US, Greece, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea, in venues ranging from Brooklyn Academy of Music and homeless sAlexandra Stavrou leads dance classhelters to remote village clearings. Trained in Modern and World Dance/Music, she was a member of the Haitian Dance Troupe “Shango” and the Balinese-American Dance Theatre. She was in the original cast of Philip Glass’s opera “Einstein on the Beach” and composed dances and music for NYC’s Public Theatre. She has been teaching seniors for over 40 years and teaches movement to youth with special needs.

Center for Modern Dance Education, 84 Euclid Ave., Hackensack

INFO: 201-638-5698 or


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