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The Arts for Life Sampler was a great success, according to both the participants and artist-teachers. About 40 people came to BergenPAC and Zendoodled, danced, created poetry, read a play aloud, Dalcrozed, and drummed!

Many have asked about doing it again, which I’d love, but as always, these things depend on funding, especially if they’re free. This time, thanks to BergenPAC’s wonderfully providing space, staff and food, and the generous support of the Community Chest Serving Englewood, Tenafly and Englewood Cliffs, the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation and the Bergen County Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs, we were able to make it happen.

What this experiment showed – for that’s what it was – is that there is a real demand for participatory arts programs for active older adults, and that, as we all know, we are an eager and vital population and (to be crass), a viable target market.

Stay tuned for word on the future – but not until we decompress!

Pictures to follow.


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  1. Dear Jackie,
    I want to thank you & the wonderful volunteers for all the effort you invested in bringing today’s wonderful workshops to us for our enjoyment. I delightedly participated in the Zendoodle, Eurythmics & Dance workshops. The teachers were most welcoming & encouraged us to jump right in & enjoy ourselves. I found myself “playing” with glee. I feel that my generation (60+) is seeking to re-vision “retirement”, evolving & transitioning with a “make it up as we go” attitude into our new phase of life. Your spirit /attitude/approach in the Arts for Life Network are helping me discover & sustain the effort to blossom in my own life.
    in gleeful gratitude,

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